Welcome to the Administrative Law Section

Section News & Notes
  • The Regulatory Reform Act of 2013
    Click here to read Session Law 2013-413 House Bill 74.
  • House Bill 74 and Changes to the Administrative Procedure Act (Amanda J. Reeder)
    Click here to read the article written by Amanda J. Reeder, Counsel to the Rules Review Commission.
  • State Dietetics/Nutrition Board Actions: A "Chilling Effect” on "Free Speech"
    Click here to read the ruling.
  • Rep. Moffitt’s view of the Regulatory Reform Act of 2013
    Click here to read Rep. Tim Moffitt's perspective of the merits that are associated with this legislation.
  • Article of the Month
    • Click here to read: McLawhorn, Dan. "Recent Changes Impacting Administrative Appeals" Environmental News October 2013.
  • Permanent Rulemaking Process
    Click here to review the the rulemaking chart.
  • Committee Reports
    Click here to read reports developed by the Section committees members.

The Administrative Law Section's goal is to lead in the improvement of administrative rule-making and adjudication before the Office of Administration Hearing or boards and commissions. Membership is open to both attorneys and nonlawyers. A non-lawyer is eligible for affiliate membership in the Administrative Law Section.

The section, with currently 230 members, sponsors CLE programs and services; provides members with a substantive newsletter; and helps mold the association's legislative agenda for presentation to the N.C. General Assembly. The newsletter, Administrative Lawyer, offers an index of its articles and CLE topics.

The Administrative Law Section's website includes the following information:

Calendar – contains a listing of Section Council meeting dates, Section Annual meeting dates, and other Section-related events dates, locations, times, and event descriptions.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) – contains section-specific Continuing Legal Education (CLE) information including upcoming programs and publications when available.

Governance – contains the Administrative Law section's governing documents including the purpose statement and bylaws.

Join/Renew – contains an online application form for joining this section.

Leadership – contains information from the section's leadership including the section officers, section council, committee chairs, and meeting minutes when available.

ListManager – is a communication tool that offers its members the opportunity to post suggestions, comments or questions to a large number of people at the same time.

Newsletters – contains the section's newsletters, which may be password-protected as determined by the section leadership.

Resources – contains section-specific legal resources including access to Fastcase® / PJI, online links / references, publications (e.g., forms, brochures, booklets, etc.), articles, legislative issues, and other information when available.

NCBA – Information about the North Carolina Bar Association's leaders, staff contacts, map/driving tools, and links to other sections, divisions as well as NCBA's home page.

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